HD TV – Picture Quality Counts

Technology has made some pretty amazing leaps and bounds and we can now watch television without a television. We can watch it on the computer, we can even watch it on our smartphones (yes, you don’ t have to hang around outside electrical store windows nowadays to catch a bit of “out and about” sport) but how good is it really? We’re not content with fuzzy wuzzy pictures anymore and all of that stop/start/stop carry on are we? We’ve all become a bit spoiled with HD TV these days and are not impressed with grainy home videos any more, we want convenience, we want affordable but we also want picture quality.  So, which of the most popular HD sources actually has the best picture quality, well, let’s find out!

Best HD TV Picture Quality

Top of the leader board, and not surprisingly, in fact if you ask anybody which is the best source of picture quality at the moment they’ll say – yes, you’ve guessed it, Blu-ray. But just remember that Blu-ray currently has the best picture quality, time and technology wait for no man and are still marching ever onwards.

So who comes next? Well, actually, after Blu-ray the best picture quality you’re going to get is the good old “over-the-air” broadcasting.  Their picture clarity can actually put both satellite and cable to shame, even though they’ll never admit it, of course.

Picture Quality – Satellite vs Cable

Then we move on to the satellite vs cable debate. This is ongoing, and of course neither will admit defeat, but unfortunately for the satellite companies there is evidence to suggest that cable just about pips them to the picture quality post.

Best Download Picture Quality

The only video on demand service which actually offers 1080p resolution is actually Walmart’s Vudu, so well done to Vudu, they come out top of the leader board for the highest picture quality download service.  iTunes and Amazon follow hot on their heels with nothing really to choose between them, and Netflix isn’t far behind although that is at the mercy of your broadband connection and any little glitch can cause quality problems (I mean problems with the quality, not high class problems – do try to keep up).

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