Internet TV Boxes

Internet TV Boxes

There’s already a choice of net-connected boxes which are just ready and waiting for you to plug them in and have access to loads of different TV channels. These are already connected to pre-determined services and make life so easy for any techno-phobes out there. Repeat after me – Internet TV is your friend.

Roku – is a pre-loaded portal with Amazon Video on Demand, Netflix and MLB TV.

TiVO – goes one better in that it also connects to the above but you have the added option of cable and your usual over-the-air channels.

AppleTV – is pre-loaded to connect you with the iTunes Store.

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii – can also stream you into Netflix and hey, if there’s nothing you want to watch on TV you can always choose to┬áplay games instead.

These are your Internet TV box options at the moment, but sure as eggs is eggs there’ll be plenty more where they came from pretty soon.

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