Internet TV Services

Different Internet TV Services Options

There’s an increasing number of Internet TV Services, as you would expect from probably the greatest leap forward in the art of television watching since the invention of the remote control, or simply remote, zapper, buttons, clicker, thingy – known by many names but always loved.

Vudu – is owned by Walmart and is actually reported to have the best picture quality of the bunch. It streams in surround sound Dolby Digital Plus 5.1. If you fancy having a bit of Vudu you will have to either buy yourself a HDTV which already has Vudu (from Walmart, naturally) or alternatively a Blu-ray player. You do need to make sure that the speed of your internet connection is up to the job – Vudu recommend between 2.25 to 4.5 Mbps and the average is around 3.9, so most people should not have any problems at all.

Hulu – was formed by a consortium of Disney, NBC Universal and News Corp, so you won’t have any problems in accessing any of their content. You will get a few episodes on the regular Hulu and with it’s new “big brother” Hulu Plus you can have access to back catalogs and full seasons of all your favorites for $10 per month.

Amazon Video on Demand and Netflix – these two can stream lots of great TV shows and movies directly to your TV (as long as it’s connected of course), TiVo, game console, Blu-ray player or Roku box.  Netflix comes in at the lowest price of just $8.99 per month – plus the option of getting discs through the mail, they’re still offering that service. Amazon has newer programs available but they’ll cost ya, around $1.99 to $2.99 per episode if they’re in HD.

iTunes – has content on offer through your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod  or Apple TV.

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