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Internet TV Software Options

We’re talking Boxee, XBox Media Center and Plex here. This software may also be referred to as aggregators, and really do serve two functions.  If you happen to have any TV shows or movies backed up on the hard drive of your computer, then an aggregator can find metadata from such places as TVDB and IMDB (along with cover art) and serve it all up together. They also make a kind of home base for any streaming video.  You can be connected with plug-ins to tons of stuff including Netflix Instant, Hulu and MLB.TV meaning that you can easily search through lots of different streaming content sources on one site.

You can have the software work onto the PC directly that you’re watching, or alternatively install in onto a home theater PC and use your TV remote. You can also use Boxee on Apple TV, browsing movies from your hard drive onto your TV.

Boxee will work on everything, XBMC only works with Linux and Windows and Plex is specifically for Mac use.

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