Portable TV Wherever You Are

TV On The Run

We all know that the best place to watch TV is at home, sitting comfortably on the sofa, glass of wine in one hand, bowl of nibbles within reach of the other, feet on the foot stool gazing at your widescreen in HD. But what happens if you’re going to miss the very last episode of your favorite TV show because you had to work late? OK, we know that you can record it and watch it later but you want to see it and you want to see it now!  Well my friend, portable TV just got even more portable, forget the cumbersome box set with the handle on the top and the 12″ screen, you can now watch television on your smartphone – admittedly, some of us would need to get our eye glasses out to be able to make out their faces but that’s just age, you can’t blame technology for that one. It might just be more affordable than you think too!

Flo TV – gives you the opportunity of up to 18 channels in the palm of your hand. You can have all of the primo prime time stuff from Comedy Central and ABC – you know the sort of thing. Available from AT&T at only $10 per month, or Verizon from around $13 – $15.  A small price to pay for not missing out on your favorites.

Bitbop – can transform your Blackberry into a pocket sized marvel (as if it wasn’t already). $10 per month can give you access to loads of shows from both cable and network, and soon you’ll be able to have movie rentals on demand from around $0.99. There’ll be no reason to go home at all!

MobiTV – this app for smartphones can supply you with more than 40 different TV channels for less than $10 per month, ok, it’s only $0.01 less but who’s counting? Extras are available if you want, for example, sports, NBA basketball, FIFA soccer, that sort of thing.

Sprint TV – sounds on top of the game and it pretty much is too. You can get 20 channels including the likes of NBC, Fox Mobile and ESPN with others available as optional paid for extras.

SlingPlayer Mobile – this is a brilliant idea, and literally slings any of the TV channels which you can get at home, straight to your smartphone wherever you are. It’s only $30 from Treme-to-go. Whatever will they think of next?

Prepare to be extremely popular on the bus, with people trying to look over your shoulder at every opportunity, and who can blame them. There’s no need to miss out on anything at all, with portable TV on your smartphone.

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