What is Tivo?

What is Tivo?

Tivo is the self proclaimed one box, the best way to bring all of your entertainment needs together from the TV and the web, in one, easy to use, amazing box. It can do it all, Cable, Web, Movies and Music. What more could you need?

Tivo is smart, it’s elegant and it does the lot. You can watch Amazon on Demand, Netflix Instant, Blockbuster on Demand, you can surf for videos from YouTube and similar sites, it can host and stream music and even in pull signals over the air. Yes, Tivo definitely has it all.

How Does Tivo Work?

Well, Tivo Premiere (the latest and the best, naturally) connects with your existing cable service and replaces the old cable box with an amazing new high definition DVR experience – that’s the only way to describe it really. The CableCard which you get from the Cable Company simply plugs into the back of your Tivo Premiere and hey presto, it delivers all of your cable channels. But not just that, it also delivers on-demand movies, music and videos via your broadband internet connection.

Can Tivo Work With My Satellite System?

At the moment Tivo only works with a digital antenna or cable service, but watch this space, a new Tivo service will be launched very soon and that’ll be another problem sorted!

Why Buy Tivo?

Now, I know what’s coming next, why should I pay for a Tivo when I get a free DVR from the cable company?¬† Well, you might get the offer of a free cell phone when you sign up to a wireless carrier but it didn’t stop you from buying an iPhone did it? What do you want, free mediocrity or pay that little bit more and have something stunning?¬† A quick glimpse down some of the features of the Tivo which aren’t available on your Cable DVR should¬†demonstrate this perfectly:

  • Searching both Broadcast TV and Internet
  • Watch recordings on a different TV
  • Transfer recordings to another mobile device
  • Enjoy YouTube videos on TV
  • View your photographs on the big screen
  • Access to the worlds largest on-demand video store
  • Watch free music videos whenever you feel like it

Need I say more? If you love TV, then you owe it to yourself to have Tivo.

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