What is Vudu?

What is Vudu?

Let’s start off by saying that Vudu is completely different to Voodoo, although they’re both magic, in their own way. Whereas Voodoo involves lots of mumbo jumbo Caribbean chanting and often a poisonous snake or a shrunken head, Vudu however, is just a great way to watch movies on TV, and that’s magic!

The Art of Vudu

Vudu is the magical technology developed by Vudu Inc, which involves a Vudu Box and maybe Vudu XL, interactive media devices which use peer-to-peer TV technology to distribute lots of great full-length movies to any television. It was secretly being developed in 2004 (told you it was similar to Voodoo) but burst onto the scenes in 2007 when it was revealed via the New York Times that Vudu had signed deals with loads of major film distribution companies and movie studios and could deliver access to almost 5,000 films. Now, even if you’re a real film buff there’s bound to be some you haven’t seen, or would like to watch again!

Vudu Boxes were only available online in the beginning, but from 2008 they were put up for sale in Best Buy Stores and the rest, as they say, is history. By February 2009, Vudu was the first ever on-demand service which could offer even high-definition movies to own, for download.

How Does It Work?

As if by magic! The Vudu Box connects to your TV, whether it be standard-definition, enhanced-definition or high-definition, and also connects to the internet via an Ethernet port.  It is designed to exist independently from either a cable/satellite TV system or a computer, and you only need to provide Broadband for it to all work. You don’t pay a monthly amount either, you simply top up your online account which is depleted every time you rent or buy a movie. You can either buy or rent the box, it’s completely up to you.

The catalog of movies quickly grew, with more than 15,000 movies and TV shows being available by May 2009. All sorts of things are available, major motion pictures, documentaries, independent films, kids programs, cartoons, musical recordings – you name it, you can watch it!

What is Vudu? Vudu is never having to go to the video store again (sorry Mr Video Store owner, but you can’t stop progress).


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